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French Air Traffic Control Strike 15th February (1700 UTC) to 17th February (0600 UTC)

15 Feb 2023

Fights in Europe may experience delays as a result of the French Air Traffic Controllers strike from 15th February (1700 UTC) to 17th February (0600 UTC).  If your flight was delayed or cancelled as a result of this, then it is important that you are aware of your rights and entitlements.

Flight Cancellations 

In the event that your flight is cancelled then your air carrier must offer you the choice between the following:
- re-routing as soon as possible:
- re-routing at a later date at your convenience: or
- a refund.

If you choose the first option (re-routing as soon as possible) then your air carrier must provide you with care and assistance whilst you wait for the alternative flight. Care and assistance comprises:
- meals & refreshments in reasonable relation to the waiting time;
- hotel accommodation where an overnight stay becomes necessary;
- transport between the hotel accommodation and the airport;
- 2 free telephone calls/ access to email.

Flight Delays

If your flight is subject to a long delay (2 hours +), your air carrier must provide you with the care and assistance described above. In addition, if your flight is delayed by more than 5 hours, it must offer you the choice between:
- continuing with your journey: or
- a refund of the cost of your ticket. 

Please note that it is not possible for passengers to travel and avail of the full refund.

If your air carrier does not provide the care and assistance described above, passengers should make their own reasonable arrangements and retain all receipts in the process. Passengers are advised to then submit copies of these receipts to their air carrier for reimbursement.

Additional Information

In both situations (i.e. flight cancellations and long delays) air carriers should provide affected passengers with written notices setting out their rights and entitlements under EC Regulation 261/ 2004.

Compensation may also be payable to passengers affected by flight cancellations or long flight delays, though passengers are advised that an investigation will be required to determine this.

In situations where an air carrier is unable to provide a suitable alternative flight and passengers travel at their own expense with an alternative air carrier, the original air carriers liability is limited to a full refund of the original flight costs. 

Contact Us

Passengers who remain unclear about their entitlements as set out in EC Regulation 261/ 2004, or who have further queries in relation to same, should contact this Office on 1890 787 787 or + 353 1 6611700.