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IAA Statement

14 Oct 2021


The IAA can confirm the appointment of Mr. Kieran Mulvey as mediator with regard to ongoing unofficial industrial relations (IR) matters which have received some media attention in recent weeks.


Mr Mulvey has been appointed by the IAA’s Internal Dispute Resolution Board (IDRB) to conduct mediation between the Company and Forsa and will operate under the auspices of the IDRB.  The appointment of an independent mediator is provided for in the IDRB Charter.  In accordance with the provisions of the Charter, Mr. Mulvey will report back to the Chair[1] of the IDRB within seven days.


We look forward to cooperating fully with this mediation process and we request that the confidentiality of the process is now fully respected in order to allow Mr. Mulvey to carry out his review.


[1] Mr. Peter McLoone