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Aviation Regulator announces new Partnership with Kazakhstan

19 May 2021

Aviation Regulator announces new Partnership with Kazakhstan

• New agreement will see Kazakh-operated aircraft transfer to the Irish register
• Irish Aviation Authority will also provide technical support to the Kazakh Civil Aviation Authority

Ireland’s Aviation Regulator, Diarmuid Ó Conghaile, today announced the establishment of a formal agreement with the Kazakh Government to provide aviation regulatory services to central Asia’s largest country.

Commenting on the ground-breaking agreement, Ó Conghaile said: “This marks the start of important relationship for Ireland and Kazakhstan. The ICAO ‘Article 83 bis’ agreement provides for aircraft operated in one country to be registered on the register of another country, subject to a formal international agreement between the two States and lodged with ICAO, the UN body responsible for global aviation standards. We have now taken this step with Kazakhstan, and a number of aircraft operated by the Kazakh national carrier, Air Astana, will be transferred to the Irish register over the course of the summer and the remainder of this year. The Irish Aviation Authority will review the aircraft and provide Certificates of Airworthiness, while other aspects of regulatory oversight will be delegated to the Kazakh Civil Aviation Authority.”

By separate agreement, the Irish Aviation Authority will also provide technical support to the Kazakh CAA. “Our ambition for the new IAA is to build on our position as a leading global aviation regulator. We have the expertise and experience to offer advisory and training services internationally. The historic strength and capacity for innovation in the Irish aviation sector gives us a unique starting position, and Brexit has augmented the opportunity.” said Ó Conghaile.

“We’re very excited to be working with the Kazakh CAA, the Transport Ministry and Air Astana”, commented Ó Conghaile. “Kazakh civil aviation has made considerable advances in recent years, and the IAA is proud to assist the continuing transformation process.”

Commenting remotely, Minister of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Beibut Atamkulov, stated: “The agreement between our Civil Aviation Authority and the Irish Aviation Authority indicates the progress being made by Kazakhstan in improving the level of flight safety in the country.”

The Kazakh Director General of Aviation, Mr. Peter Griffiths, stated: “The agreement will enable the Kazakh Civil Aviation Authority to further develop the skills and qualifications of its employees as part of a continual improvement process, as well as to learn from the best practices of the Irish Aviation Authority.”