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The Latest News From the IAA

2018 Busiest Ever Year for Irish Aviation as the IAA Handles a Record-Breaking number of flights.

27 Jan 2019
Ireland’s Air Traffic Grew Over 1.4% in 2018

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) confirmed today that 1,151,995 flights were handled safely by its Air Traffic Control team in 2018. This represents a 1.4% increase in Irish air traffic over 2017 figures and is the highest number of flights on record travelling through Irish airspace.

Peter Kearney, IAA Chief Executive, said: “IAA Air Traffic Control made sure that 1.51 million flights travelled safely in Irish airspace in 2018. This has been achieved through the commitment of our dedicated team of air traffic controllers, engineers and support staff, as well as the IAA’s continuous investment in the latest technology and innovation in air traffic management.  I am very pleased that the we continued to meet our customers’ expectations while traffic has grown to record levels in 2018.

Since its establishment 25 years ago, the IAA has built up a reputation, globally, as a leading ANSP (Air Navigation Services Provider) and a successful and innovative semi-state company, delivering a safe, high quality and value-for money service for airline customers and stable returns to its shareholder. 

Mr. Kearney said, “We intend to build on the progress achieved over the past 25 years through further innovation and improvements.  We will continue to invest in a state-of-the-art air traffic management system and the development of our staff, to facilitate the ongoing delivery of a world class service to our airlines customers,” he said.

Total flights handled includes; total commercial terminal movements (Dublin, Cork, Shannon), North Atlantic Communications flights (Europe /US Flights) managed and En Route flights (flights, which do not land in Ireland).

  • 0.9% increase in North Atlantic Communications flights to 505,397 (flights between Europe/US)
  • 0.4% increase in En Route flights to 345,403 (flights which do not land in Ireland)
  • 4.7% increase in Commercial Terminal movements to 266,917 (total commercial flights at the three State Airports of Dublin, Cork and Shannon)