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The Latest News From the IAA

Over 1.15 + Million Flights will have been handled by the IAA in Irish Airspace this year - As 2018 draws to a close, the IAA is forecasting another record-breaking year for Irish air traffic

17 Dec 2018

Dublin, 17 December, 2018 – Today, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) announced its prediction that it will have safely and efficiently managed over 1.15 million flights in 2018.

Commenting on the announcement, IAA Chief Executive, Peter Kearney said; “These figures show how aviation continues to open Ireland up to the world. The management of air traffic growth is a key driver for our economy, and innovation and efficiency underpin everything we do at the IAA. The new IAA air traffic control tower currently under construction at Dublin airport is a prime example of this. Projects like this will further improve our service excellence to customers and passengers.”

In addition, the IAA also announced today that total flights handled for November 2018 amounted to 83,362 movements, making it the busiest-ever November in Ireland’s history. This year’s November figures also mark an increase of + 0.5% over  November 2017.

The 83,362 movements consisted of; Commercial terminal movements, Overflights and North Atlantic Communications flights.

  • Commercial terminal movements - All international arrival and departure flights from the three State airports, Cork, Shannon and Dublin.
  • Overflights - All flights handled in Irish-controlled airspace, flights which do not land in Ireland.
  • North Atlantic Communications flights - Flights handled in the Shanwick Oceanic region.  

There were 24,526 overflight traffic movements and 36,775 North Atlantic Communications flights during November 2018.

In relation to international arrivals and departures (Commercial terminal movements), the individual November 2018 figures for the three State airports when compared to the same month in 2017 were;

  • Commercial terminal flights at Dublin were up by +5.3% with an average of 570 daily commercial movements at Dublin.
  • Commercial terminal flights at Cork were up by +6.4%, with an average of 49 commercial daily movements at Cork.
  • Commercial terminal flights at Shannon were down by -3.8% with an average of 46 commercial daily movements at Shannon.

The IAA provides air traffic management services to all aircraft landing and departing the three State airports of Dublin, Shannon and Cork.

The IAA also provide these services to 90% of all traffic that transits between Europe and North America.

The IAA's North Atlantic Communications Centre (which is located in Ballygirreen, Co. Clare) provide communication services to flights flying in the Shanwick Oceanic region.