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DJI Advises Customers to Fly With Caution When Using TB50 & TB55 Batteries In Drones

02 Nov 2018

2 November, 2018 - The Irish Aviation Authority hereby advises operators of certain models of DJI drones which are powered by TB50 or TB55 batteries, of the following manufacturer’s recommendations.

It has been reported that a small number of incidents have occurred where the affected drone has suffered a complete loss of power and consequently loss of control during flight. This loss of control has resulted in the drone falling to the ground due to the immediate loss of lift from the rotors. In the reported cases, the remote pilot was unable to regain control of the drone during the event.

There are currently no reports of such failure occurring in Ireland.

Drone operators and remote pilots, are reminded they must operate within the legal requirements as stipulated in Statutory Instrument 563 / 2015 at all times. Manufacturers’ safety recommendations should be complied with.

Specific Operating Permission (SOP) holders must consider safety recommendations issued by the manufacturer when performing their risk assessment in advance of commencing a drone flight. The risk assessment and all safety risk mitigation's applied should be recorded. 

The DJI safety recommendation advises the following;

“Do not operate over, or in close proximity to, people or property that could be injured or damaged in the event of a power loss. Customers performing non-essential operations may also choose to delay those operations until we are able to provide more information.”

Additional information is available from DJI News Release and Recommendations for TB50 & TB55 Battery users: