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The Latest News From the IAA

Busiest ever July on record as the IAA handles a record-breaking 112,200 flights in total

11 Aug 2017

Dublin, 11 August, 2017 – The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) confirmed today that July 2017 was a record-breaking month, as total flights handled for the month were recorded at 112,200 movements, making it the busiest ever July in Ireland.

The 112,200 total movements includes; total terminal movements, North Atlantic Communications flights and overflights. This marks a significant increase of +2.2% over July 2016.

In relation to international arrivals and departures, the commercial terminal traffic for Shannon, Dublin and Cork airports was up by +3.3% in July 2017, when compared to July 2016.

The IAA’s analysis of North Atlantic Communications flights (Europe /US Flights) saw an increase of +5.6% in July 2017, when compared to July 2016. There was also an increase of +0.8% in Ireland’s overflight traffic movements (flights, which do not land in Ireland) during July 2017, in comparison to July 2016.

Commenting on the announcement Eamonn Brennan, Chief Executive of the IAA said;

“The industry is continuing to grow. We are seeing new routes out of all our airports in 2017 and through Irish airspace and we are continuing to work hard to safely facilitate this demand so we can help keep the expansion going. Our systems and people will cope with these increases. We operate a state-of-the-art and very reliable air traffic management system, which has the capacity to handle more traffic in the years ahead.”

Individually, the July 2017 figures for the three State airports, when compared to the same month in the previous year are:

• Commercial terminal flights at Dublin up by +4.1% with an average of 677 daily commercial movements at Dublin.

• Commercial terminal flights at Cork up by +2.6%, with an average of 69 commercial daily movements at Cork.

• Commercial terminal flights at Shannon down by -4.1% with an average of 63 commercial daily movements at Shannon.

Dublin airport is set to handle nearly 30 million passengers in 2017 and is now the fifth best served airport in Europe to North America.