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The Latest News From the IAA

Stable Air Traffic Performance in February

10 Mar 2017

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) confirmed today that total air traffic safely handled by the IAA grew by 1.2% (or 71,883 movements) in February 2017 compared to the same month in 2016, which also had an extra day as 2016 was a leap year.

There was an increase of 3.2% in Ireland’s overflight traffic movements to 21,701 (flights, which do not land in Ireland) during February 2017, in comparison to February 2016. The IAA’s analysis of North Atlantic Communications flights (Europe /US Flights) saw an increase of 3.6% 31,390 in February 2017, when compared to February 2016.

In relation to international arrivals and departures, the total commercial terminal traffic for Shannon, Dublin and Cork airports was virtually static when compared to February 2016 (down by just 0.1%) – the impact of fewer days in February 2017 due to the 2016 leap year has an impact on the figures. Individually, the February 2017 figures for the three State airports, show that commercial terminal flights performance as follows:

  • Dublin down by 0.1% with an average of 503 daily commercial movements.
  • Cork down by 6.2%, with an average of 44 commercial daily movements.
  • Shannon up by 7.7% with an average of 43 commercial daily movements.

The IAA’s monthly analysis of delays from Air Traffic Flow Regulations, indicates that there were 194 aircraft delayed during the month of February. Of these delays, 7.2% were related to weather conditions and 92.8% to aerodrome capacity issues.  Ireland has traditionally one of the lowest levels of en-route and airport delays in Europe due to Air Traffic Flow Regulation and the IAA continues to proactively manage these delays to ensure they remain at a low level.