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New Aviation Working Group to Explore Collaboration Between Ireland and India

06 Nov 2014

The Irish Aviation and Aerospace sector held a cross-industry working group hosted by the Irish Aviation Authority on Thursday 30th October in Dublin, Ireland.  Supported by the Embassy from India and Irish Aviation Authority, working with the Ireland India Business Association, as well as the Department of Transport and related organisations in India, the initiative was to provide material for an interim report on mutually beneficial opportunities in the aviation sector between Ireland and India.  

This interim report, prepared by consultancy KFVC, is titled ‘Bilateral trade and collaboration opportunities between India and Ireland in the Aviation and Aerospace sectors’ and will be launched on the 12th November at the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin during the Ireland India Business Association Annual lunch which is sponsored by Etihad.  

Mrs. Radhika Lal Lokesh for Government of India Ambassador to Ireland said “It is heartening to note that the level of interest in two-way investment between Ireland and India continues to develop. With the multiple initiatives being announced by the new government of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to foster development and economic growth and with the stronger signs of economic recovery in Ireland, there are significant opportunities to take our bilateral engagement forward.  The Indian Government has a firm commitment to chart a new path wherein business entities will extend a red carpet welcome in a spirit of cooperation.  We look forward to developing this relationship with Ireland in the aviation and aerospace sector.”

Eamonn Brennan, Irish Aviation Authority CEO commented: “Ireland is a centre of excellence for aviation and it is a sector of major importance to Ireland. The sector contributes €4 billion directly to our GDP and supports over 40,000 jobs. Ireland and India have a long history of cooperation and we are very keen to support India in the development of its civil aviation industry. This interim report highlights that there are vast opportunities for cooperation.  

We have highly successful international airlines, including one of the largest international airlines in the world, namely Ryanair. Due to our successful leasing industry and the size of some of our airlines, Ireland Inc. is the single largest customer of the Boeing commercial aircraft manufacturing company outside of the USA. Our Maintenance Repair and Overhaul sub-sector plays a key supplementary role to the wider aviation sector in Ireland and there are many, many other vital sub-sectors such as pilot training, export focused component manufacturers, academic institutions, general, sports and corporate aviation. All of them make a valuable contribution to the industry.  

Based on our shared experiences, we believe that there are many unique aviation related opportunities that we can work on together to benefit both Ireland and India.”

Kevin Toland, Dublin Airport Authority CEO commented: “DAA is strongly supportive of enhancing the existing links between Ireland and India. We already have a significant business in India through our subsidiary ARI’s role in the award-winning Delhi Duty Free business and daa International is also active in the Indian market.

Dublin Airport has also had contact with carriers in India in recent years in relation to potentially serving the Irish market and beyond. Dublin is rapidly becoming a transatlantic hub and the connections that it offers to North America, and Europe make it an excellent location for transfer passengers. Dublin Airport has also been growing its long-haul business to the East in recent years and now offers double daily services to two locations in the Middle East, both of which have excellent onward connections to India.”

For more information please contact:

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