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The IAA is keen to bring to the attention of the General Aviation community the considerable amount of good quality guidance and advisory material that is available to assist in activities such as pre-flight planning, performance planning, use of navigational equipment, hazards associated with aviation, etc. that can be freely accessed via the internet.

Whenever a pilot or participant decides to use such information or guidance material they must be aware of the requirement to ensure that use of any such guidance or advisory material would allow them to continue to operate the aircraft or activity within the constraints of current European and Irish aviation legislation and, where appropriate, the provisions of the aviation legislation in force in the country within which they intend to operate.

Safety Information

Safety Leaflets

Methods to Improve Helicopter Pilot Capabilities

Date of Issue: 20 Sep 2011
Number: HE 1
EHEST produced document providing information on each of the main helicopter accident events and giving a basic understanding of the causes, the prevention and the recovery actions possible. Related safety videos are available at:
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