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Stakeholder Consultation is an integral part of the policy-making process in the IAA Safety Regulation Division. Consultation enables the IAA to be more open and its policies more effective by inviting and taking note of the views of relevant industries and other involved organisations and the public. The IAA consults on matters that include changes to legislation, the issue of new policy documents and the issue of guidance material.

The IAA consults with a wide range of organisations as it carries out its business.

Please note that EASA conducts the consultation process for changes to EU regulation relating to aviation safety. Notices of Proposed Ammendment (NPAs) may be accessed on the EASA website.

Open Consultations 

The Safety Regulation Division of the IAA, acting as the National Supervisory Authority (NSA) for Ireland, is undertaking a stakeholder consultation process to seek stakeholders’ views on possible developments for Reference Period 3 (RP3) of the Performance and Charging Schemes.
RP3 NSA Stakeholder Consultation Document

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