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Stakeholder Consultation is an integral part of the policy-making process in the IAA Safety Regulation Division. Consultation enables the IAA to be more open and its policies more effective by inviting and taking note of the views of relevant industries and other involved organisations and the public. The IAA consults on matters that include changes to legislation, the issue of new policy documents and the issue of guidance material.

The IAA consults with a wide range of organisations as it carries out its business.

Please note that EASA conducts the consultation process for changes to EU regulation relating to aviation safety. Notices of Proposed Ammendment (NPAs) may be accessed on the EASA website.

Open consultations


Recent consultations: 

Stakeholder Consultation on Drone charges

In 2018, competency for the regulation of unmanned aircraft operations passed to the European Union and in 2019, Regulation (EU) 2019/947 was published with a current applicability date of 31 December 2020. It creates a pan-European market for drone operations, where operators and other related service providers can move freely throughout the EU. T

Charging Policy - Stakeholder Consultation Document

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Establishment of a Just Culture Body

Establishment of a Just Culture Body in Ireland - Consultation Document

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NSA launches Stakeholder Consultation for Reference Period 3 of the Single European Sky Performance and Charging Scheme:

Ireland RP3 Consultation Document  

RP3 Irish PP Stakeholder Template

IAA Cost of Capital Report

10th September Stakeholder Meeting Presentation Irish RP3

Ireland Cost Tables RP3 En route Charging Zone #1

Stakeholder Meeting Summary and Comments Register Ireland RP3 230919

Ireland Cost Tables RP3 Terminal Charging Zone #1

Non-Confidential RP3 IAA ANSP Business Plan