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Aviation Security Management

Course Overview

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is pleased to offer an Aviation Security Management course, which introduces the fundamental aviation security concepts for management, system planning, operational practices and compliance to accountable managers and people with responsibility for the implementation of aviation security controls in their organisation. Using practical exercises, peer engagement and innovative learning techniques, this course is a “one stop shop” to provide you with all you need to get started in this field.

The course is complemented by an additional module for those who want to meet European regulatory requirements.

Who will benefit from attending this course?

The course is for newly appointed Accountable Managers and Aviation Security Managers, as well as for those already doing the role but who would like a back-to-basics course to update their knowledge with the latest in aviation security best practices and compliance. The course will also appeal to policy makers new to the aviation security field or otherwise, and who are seeking an understanding of how aviation security works.

Learning approach

The IAA is committed to using differing learning techniques that ensure every learner can fully engage with our courses. This course combines classroom based, peer to peer engagement, self-reflection, and experiential learning techniques to help you achieve the best possible learning outcomes.

What aviation security content is included?

This course comprises introductory level modules, including:

  • The legal framework and the national civil aviation security programmes
  • Conducting root cause analysis
  • Raising awareness and responding appropriately to the Insider Threat
  • Risk assessment
  • Recognising human factors principles as they apply to aviation security
  • Promoting security culture and just culture in their organisation
  • Leadership, performance management and communication skills
  • Screening methods and aviation security equipment
  • Occurrence reporting in aviation security
  • Contingency planning


The course is offered in English. The courses can be offered in Irish or French*. If you require another language option, please email us at training@iaa.ie following your registration of your interest.

[*Subject to availability]


Price for 5 day Aviation Security Management course:

  • Delivered virtually on MS Teams - €1,950*
  • Classroom-based courses (Dublin) - €2,200* 

Price for 2 day (recurrent**) Aviation Security Management course 

  • Delivered virtually on MS Teams - €780*
  • Classroom-based courses (Dublin) - €880* 

[*Price includes an introductory discount for all courses booked before 17 December 2021]

[**Must have completed 5 day course in order to qualify for recurrent course]

Course delivery - COVID notice

We will endeavour to deliver courses in a classroom environment in Dublin, however, this may not be possible in all cases due COVID restrictions.

Course dates:

 JANUARY17 - 21 
 FEBRUARY 07 - 08
 MARCH07 - 10 
 APRIL 11 - 12
 MAY16 - 20 
 JUNE 06 - 07
 JULY11 - 14 
 SEPTEMBER12 - 16 
 NOVEMBER14 - 18 

Register your interest

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