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P - Personnel licensing
No. Title Date of issue Type Size
P2 Licensed Aircraft Engineers Certification Responsibilities 05 Feb 2010
31 KB Download
P5 Basic Aeronautical Engineering Certificate Examinations 05 Feb 2010
17 KB Download
P6 Renewal of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licences 05 Feb 2010
13 KB Download
P13 Implementation amended versions of joint aviation requirements flight crew licensing:- JAR-FCL part 1 (aeroplane), part 2 (helicopter) part 3 (medical) and part 4 (flight engineers) 31 Jul 2009
18 KB Download
P14 Skill testing for National Licences 17 Oct 2002
77 KB Download
P17 Technical Requirements for Microlight Flight Crew 20 Dec 2012
496 KB Download
P18 Implementation of ICAO Standards on English Language Proficiency 17 Jan 2008
25 KB Download
P19 Extension of ELP Provisions to categories other than aircraft and helicopter 05 Mar 2008
15 KB Download
P21 Acceptance of Flight Crew Licences 07 Apr 2017
52 KB Download
P22 Technical Requirements for the Student Pilot Licence (Gyroplane) [SPL(G)], Private Pilot Licence (Gyroplane) [PPL(G)], Flight Instructor Rating (Gyroplane 18 May 2012
39 KB Download
P23 Pilot Licensing Requirements for Search and Rescue 17 Jan 2013
27 KB Download
P24 Licensing Requirements for EASA Part FCL Licensed Pilots Operating Certain Aircraft Which Are Not Subject to Regulation EC No. 216/2008 as amended 21 Apr 2015
26 KB Download
P25 Exemption for holders of Third Country Pilot Licences Exercising Private Pilot Privileges 07 Aug 2017
23 KB Download
P26 Issue of National PPL(A) with or without restricted privileges and non-ICAO National FI(A) with restricted privileges. 20 Nov 2018
182 KB Download
P27 Derogation from certain requirements of the Aircrew Regulation with regard to the provision related to pilot licences of balloons and sailplanes 08 Apr 2019
43 KB Download
P28 Derogation from certain requirements of the Aircrew Regulation with regard to recognition of 3rd country licences 08 Apr 2019
42 KB Download
P29 Derogation from certain requirements of the Aircrew Regulation with regard to training in upset prevention and recovery 07 May 2019
41 KB Download

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