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Irish State Plan for Aviation Safety - Consultation Launched

25 Jul 2022
The Irish Aviation Authority has opened a consultation for the Irish State Plan for Aviation Safety, Volume 1 – Strategic Safety Priorities.

The purpose of State Plan for Aviation Safety (SPAS) is to identify the actions to be taken at State level to address the main safety issues in civil aviation in Ireland. 
The IAA consults with industry stakeholders in respect of the strategic safety priorities in the State through standing consultation forums, including State Safety Programme Co-ordination Committee, domain-centric and cross-domain industry consultation groups and the General Aviation Safety Council of Ireland.  This year, to enhance the consultation process, the IAA is seeking to facilitate direct inputs on the strategic safety priorities through a web-based consultation process.  The outcome of this consultation will help to set the strategic safety priorities for the SPAS for the next three years. 

The closure date for this Stakeholder consultation is 31st August 2022. Comments received after this date may not be considered.

The consultation is open and full details of how to respond are detailed on the SPAS Consultation webpage.