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Air Traffic Down 63.3% in October

11 Nov 2020

The IAA reported a 63.3% decrease in overall air traffic handled. Furthermore, IAA’s analysis of trans-Atlantic traffic (North Atlantic Communications - Europe /US) saw a decrease of 64.1% in October 2020 to 15,889 compared to 44,260 in October 2019. Ireland’s overflight traffic movements (flights that do not land in Ireland) fell by to 61.9% from 2019.

State airport commercial traffic during October 2020 compared to October 2019:

  • Dublin airport recorded 5,206 flights, a 74.5% decrease;
  • Cork airport traffic saw 365 movements, down 79.4%; 
  • Shannon airport reported 557 flights, a 68% decrease in flights handled.
For more on this, visit the IAA's monthly review at iaa.ie/monthlyreview


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