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Irish Skies Set To Break Records This Summer Ahead of Aviation Ireland Weekend

11 Jul 2017
Dublin, 11 July, 2017 - The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) confirmed today that it has been a record-breaking season for Irish skies, with total flights safely handled for June 2017 recorded at 107,569 movements, an increase of +1.4% over June 2016. 

Collectively, commercial terminal traffic for the three State airports, Shannon, Dublin and Cork was up by +2.5% in June 2017, when compared to June 2016. The IAA’s analysis of North Atlantic Communications flights (Europe /US Flights) also recorded an increase of +5.7% in June 2017, when compared to June 2016.

Significantly, commercial terminal flights at Dublin airport is up by +3.8% compared to June 2016 with an impressive daily average of 671 commercial movements. Dublin airport is set to handle nearly 30 million passengers in 2017 and is now the fifth best served airport in Europe to North America.

Air Traffic movements at Cork and Shannon were down by -4.2% and -2.8% respectively but both airports have recently seen the commencement of new transatlantic services by Norweigan Air International which will help to improve numbers in the months ahead.

These statistics are welcome ahead of the ‘Aviation Ireland’ weekend, as the IAA aims to promote aviation across the State by supporting the Foynes Air Show and the Bray Air Display.

The ‘Aviation Ireland’ weekend takes place over the course of the July 22nd – 23rd weekend and intends to raise the profile of aviation industry in Ireland, with incredible aerial acrobatics taking place in the two speculator coastal locations of Foynes and Bray.

Commenting on the ‘Aviation Ireland’ weekend, Eamonn Brennan, Chief Executive of the Irish Aviation Authority said;

The Bray Display has been a phenomenal success over the last couple of years. Aviation is a hugely important economic driver for our country and this year under the IAA’s ‘Aviation Ireland’ campaign we are supporting not just one but two spectacular air shows over the same weekend at Foynes and at Bray, making this year an extra special one for fans of aviation across Ireland. We see this as a great avenue to generate an interest in our industry.”

Some of the aircraft and acts on display in the east and west coast locations include; the Springbok Classic Air, the DC-3, the Irish Historic Flight Foundation, the Spanish Air Force – F-18 Jet, the Norwegian MiG-15, Gerry Humphreys - Ireland’s beloved “flying farmer”, the Norwegian Vampire Jets, the Royal Jordanian Falcons, the Blades – a display team of former Red Arrow pilots, and the Swedish Air Historic Flight team.