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EU Aviation: 25 years of reaching new heights|Dublin Airport: Intra-EU routes from 36 in 1992 to 127 in 2016

26 Jun 2017


Since the EU's Internal Market for Aviation was born back in 1992,
there has been a revolution in air travel. Today, air travel is cheaper, safer and open to more people than ever before. What's more, because of a comprehensive set of EU passenger rights, travellers can have full confidence they will be looked after on their journey. This is all thanks in no small part to an EU initiative to replace a series of national rules by a single set of EU rules, known as the EU Internal Market for Aviation.

Competition brought major changes to air travel - changes that have propelled European mobility forward, successfully helping to bring Europeans closer together, and providing solid foundations for more jobs and a growing economy. The idea of travelling and experiencing new places and cultures has become a reality for many people in Europe during the past 25 years.

Why have prices decreased so much in the past 25 years? One major factor is that opening national markets and creating an EU single aviation market spurred competition, providing more routes and more destinations to places in the EU and further afield. In fact, today there are almost eight times as many routes as there were in 1992, giving more choice to the consumer, and ensuring more places are connected regularly.

A good example is Dublin Airport, where the number of intra-EU routes went from 36 in 1992 to 127 in 2016. Furthermore, during this incredible growth period, delays have decreased, while safety and security have improved, due to the commitment of national and European organisations. New air transport agreements signed between the EU and its major aviation partners around the world have brought even more destinations and lower prices to the travelling public.

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Source European Commission