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Irish Air Space Clear for Santa's Sleigh on Christmas Eve

23 Dec 2016

With thousands of people traveling by air to Ireland to be with their loved ones this weekend, the IAA air traffic control teams in Dublin, Shannon and Cork have been making sure that the flights arriving and taking off from these airports, do so safely.

The air traffic controllers also guide over 1,000 aircraft traveling from USA across the Atlantic to destinations in Europe and Asia.

On Christmas Eve night a special air traffic control team will keep in regular contact with the pilots of the aircraft in the air that night. They will make sure Rudolf and the other reindeer can travel safely across the Irish air space, as quickly as possible, so that Santa can get to every house on time.

The IAA will also be advising anybody with drones to avoid using them on this special night and only use them safely and correctly.

The airports will be very quiet on Christmas Day. However, it's business as normal on St Stephen's Day, once Santa is back safely in the North Pole.

The IAA team wish all the children a very happy Christmas.


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