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IAA Receives NISO Awards

17 Oct 2016

The Irish Aviation Authority is delighted to have received a National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) award. The 25th Annual NISO Awards, which this year took place in Killarney were established nationally in 1992 and have grown to become Ireland’s premier occupational safety awards.

Fergal McKevitt BM Ian Cotter Tristan Harkin Paul Tuite Darren Archer Ann-Marie Ward BB MG Tina Roberts
L-R: Fergal McKevitt (NISO); Brendan Mulligan; Ian Cotter; Tristan Harkin; Paul Tuite; Darren Archer; Ann-Marie Ward; Brendan Bergin; Martin Gamble and Tina Roberts

The NISO occupational safety awards showcase an organisation’s health and safety performance and demonstrate the positive and proactive culture of the organisation in relation to occupational safety management. 

The Authority entered the NISO Awards for the first time this year and was delighted to receive a ‘Distinction’ award in the Major Awards Category. As part of this award, NISO reviewed the IAA’s submisison under a number of categories including;

Employee Wellbeing Programme (e.g. iHealth, Mental Health Awareness and Dignity at Work)

Pro-active Health & Safety Management 

Implementation and Operation of H&S Policies and Procedures

Health and Safety Training 

H&S Hazard Identification and Risk Management

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Health and Safety Committee Members from all IAA stations participated in the awards submission process and a number of safety representatives were invited to attend the Awards Ceremony. 

BM recieves award
Mr. Brendan Mulligan, Director - HR accepted the award on behalf of the IAA, from Mr. Pat Breen, T.D., Minister for Employment and Small Business, who has governmental responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety.