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IAA Successfully Rolls-Out World’s First Online Drone Registration Module

21 Dec 2015

On Sunday 20th December, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) successfully rolled out the world’s first online drone registration module with the IAA ASSET© System. Developed in conjunction with CGH Technologies, this system supports the introduction of the IAA’s new drone regulation, which requires the mandatory registration of all drones weighing 1kg or more with the IAA, and became effective on Monday 21st December 2015.

Since the first full day of the site being operational, the IAA has had an overwhelmingly positive response to the site and registration. Drone registration with the IAA ASSET© System is a simple two-step process available on www.iaa.ie/general-aviation/drones/drone-registration

A useful demonstration video is also available to help new users through the registration process: http://youtu.be/dl8EWucEe4E

To register a drone, the registrant must be 16 years of age or older (Drones operated by those under 16 years of age must be registered by a parent or legal guardian). A nominal fee of €5 will apply from February 2016, but this fee is being initially waived by the IAA in order to encourage early registration.

The new legislation is intended to further enhance safety within Ireland and specifically addresses the safety challenges posed by drones.

Mr Ralph James, IAA Director of Safety Regulation, said “We are very pleased with the initial response to the online module. We’re working closely with industry to facilitate the successful development of the drone industry in Ireland. At the same time, safety is our top priority and we must ensure that drones are used in a safe way and that they do not interfere with all other forms of aviation.

Mr James explained that drone registration has been made a mandatory requirement as this will help the IAA to monitor the sector in the years ahead. The IAA encourages all drone operators to take part in training courses, which are available through a number of approved drone training organisations.

“We would strongly encourage drone operators to register with us as quickly as possible on the IAA ASSET© System; to complete a drone training course; and to become aware of their responsibilities. People operating drones must do so in safe and responsible manner and in full compliance with the new regulations”, he said. 

The new legislation prohibits users from operating their drones in an unsafe manner. This includes never operating a drone:

  • if it will be a hazard to another aircraft in flight
  • over an assembly of people
  • farther than 300m from the operator
  • within 120m of any person, vessel or structure not under the operator’s control
  • closer than 5km from an aerodrome
  • in a negligent or reckless manner so as to endanger life or property of others
  • over 400ft (120m) above ground level
  • over urban areas
  • in civil or military controlled airspace
  • in restricted areas (e.g. military installations, prisons, etc.)
  • unless the operator has permission from the landowner for take-off and landing.

For further information please visit www.iaa.ie/drones and see the IAA’s detailed Q&A sheet.

The IAA has a support desk fielding any queries. For technical queries on registration with ASSET and drone registration, please contact asset_helpdesk@cghtech.com