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EJ-Aircraft Register

15 Oct 2018

Dublin, 15 October 2018 - The first EJ-aircraft registered in Ireland, EJ-IOBN received its certificate of registration on Friday 12th October, almost 90 years to the day since EI-AAA was first registered in October 1928. EJ-IOBN is an Embraer ERJ 190-100 ECJ, (MSN 19000632), ex N730MM and is operated by Gainjet Ireland, a private aircraft charter operator and management company based at Shannon Airport.

The EJ- register was launched back in March 2015 with an update to the Irish Aviation Authority (Nationality And Registration Of Aircraft) Order that allowed the use of EJ- followed by four letters. VIP or Business Aircraft used for private or public transport, can be registered on the “EJ” Register.

The “EJ” Registration format consists of EJ plus four letters, which allows for significant flexibility for personalised registrations.

The “EJ” Register will allow Private Owners or Aircraft Operator’s Certificate (AOC) Holders to register aircraft. The register will support temporary withdrawal of an aircraft from an AOC for valid operational reasons. For AOC Holders, an operator who maintains both AOC and Non-Commercial Complex (NCC) paperwork will be able to ‘flip’ an EJ-registered aircraft between commercial and private operation with a minimum of formalities.