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Safety & Regulations

Why do you need a remote pilot certificate?
Where is my personal data stored and who can access it?
What is the difference between the Open and Specific Category of drone operations?
What is a UAS?
What does a UAS operator mean?
What aviation regulations govern the use of drones?
Do I need a permission from the IAA to fly a drone? If so, what do I need?
What if I want to fly my drone outside the limits prescribed in the regulations?
Why is there a regulation on the operation of a drone?
Can I fly a drone at night?
How do I apply for an Operational Authorisation to fly my drone?
Do I need insurance to operate my drone?
Do I need a permission to fly a drone with an inbuilt or mounted camera?
Do the same regulations apply if I fly my drone over private property/ National Monuments?
I have a privacy concern.
Where can I get more information on the regulations and how to safely operate a drone?
Is there a minimum age for operating a drone?
I want to use my drone for commercial activities. Do I need permission from the IAA?
How do I find out if I fall into the “open” category?
What does VLOS, or “Visual flight” mean?
What is the difference between an autonomous UAS and an automatic UAS?
What is an assembly of people (crowd)?
What does the phrase "uninvolved people" mean?
What does a “height of 120 metres from the ground” mean?

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