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The Gender Pay Gap Information Act, 2021 introduced the legislative basis for gender pay gap reporting in Ireland. The Act requires organisations to report on their hourly gender pay gap across a range of metrics. The number of employees in an organisation will determine when reporting is required, details as follows:

+250 employees 2022

+150 employees 2024

+50 employees 2025.

For the purposes of gender pay gap reporting, an employer is defined under section 2 of the Employment Equality Act 1998 and means, in relation to an employee, the person with whom the employee has entered into or for whom the employee works under a contract of employment.

While the Irish Aviation Authority is currently in the process of being restructured, which will result in two new legal entities being established, AirNav Ireland and ‘new’ IAA, until the draft legislation giving effect to the formation of the two new corporate entities is enacted and vesting day confirmed, for the purpose of the 2022 Gender Pay Gap Report, the IAA remains the employing corporate entity and therefore this report encompasses all IAA employees within the scope of the reporting guidance set down by the Gender Pay Gap Information Act, 2021.

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