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Irish Aviation Authority
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) Order 2022 Draft

Stakeholder Consultation

The purpose of the updated drones order was to reflect the introduction of European Regulations for the operation of UAS, Reg (EU) 2019/947.

Stakeholder Consultation is an integral part of the policy-making process in the IAA Safety Regulation Division. Consultation enables the IAA to be more open and its policies more effective by inviting and taking note of the views of relevant industries and other involved organisations and the public. The IAA consults on matters that include changes to legislation, the issue of new policy documents and the issue of guidance material.

Note: Please see the last version of the draft document.

Comments on this document were provided using the comment response document (CRD) form. Please note that personal details were requested in case we needed to clarify your comments. Personal data was treated in strict confidence.

The closure date for this Stakeholder consultation was 29th August 2022. Please see the Comment Response Document.