IAA Website - Saturday, February 4, 2023 2:02 AM

Irish Aviation Authority Act

The Irish Aviation Authority Act, 1993, as amended, provides for the establishment of the Irish Aviation Authority, to provide certain services in relation to civil aviation, to define its functions and to provide for the conferral on it of certain functions of the Minister for Transport under the Air Navigation and Transport Acts, 1936 to 1988, and the Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) Acts, 1963 to 1983. 

The power of IAA to make orders and regulations

Under Section 58 (1) of the Irish Aviation Authority Act 1993 the Authority has the power to make orders and regulations as necessary or expedient for the purpose of giving effect to the Annexes to the Chicago Convention. 

The relationship between IAA regulatory requirements and the requirements of other bodies

The Irish Aviation Authority specifies its requirements for licences, certificates, approvals, permits and matters of that nature. These requirements must be met in order to obtain and/or continue to exercise the privileges of the licence or other form of approval issued by the Authority. In many cases other legislation, including legislation which is not specifically directed at aviation, also applies to the activity and Government departments or other statutory bodies have responsibilities in the area.

It is the duty of the regulated party to ensure that it acquaints itself with all requirements affecting its activities and to ensure that it complies with those requirements. The Authority wishes to stress that any licence or other decision of the Irish Aviation Authority does not remove the obligation on regulated persons to comply with other legal requirements relating to the activity.