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Customer Relations Management (CRM)

The Irish Aviation Authority ANSP’s (IAA ANSP) earns the majority of its revenues by providing air traffic management (ATM) and communications services in Irish controlled airspace, SHANWICK oceanic airspace and Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports.  We are therefore committed to a customer consultation process which helps us to understand our airline customers’ operational objectives so that we can put in place, on a sound commercial basis, the safe, efficient and value for money air navigation services that they demand.

Customer Care Programme

To support this commitment, the IAA ANSP has a dedicated Customer Relations Management (CRM) team which manages our internationally recognised "Customer Care Programme". The programme contains three primary elements:  

  1. Customer engagement

  2. An independent online customer survey

  3. An annual Customer Care report 

1. Customer engagement

Customer meetings play a crucial role in the IAA ANSP’s Customer Care programme, as they allow us to communicate key messages to, and secure feedback from, our customers. Focusing on those customers responsible for approximately 80% of our business, annual meetings are held with as many of these as is practicable, across Ireland, the UK, Europe, North America and the Middle East.

These face-to-face meetings have become invaluable to the IAA ANSP as they act as a forum to generate essential feedback concerning the quality of our ATM service provision. Frequently, our plans are refined on the basis of customer feedback as a direct result of this engagement process.  We also share information about our strategic and operational plans, financial status and ongoing  investments in technology with our customers.

For our customers that operate to / from Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports, we hold more frequent operational meetings to deal with their day-to-day operating needs.

During times of crisis, the CRM team functions as a buffer between the core ATM operation and our airline customers. This provides the airlines with relevant information through a central dedicated source while at the same time, allows the ATM Operations Team to focus on managing the operation.

2. Independent online customer survey

At the end of each year, we engage an independent consultant to conduct an online survey to measure our customers’ level of satisfaction with the IAA ANSP and to gauge their opinions of how we delivered across a number of key performance areas:

  • Safety

  • Value for Money

  • Service Delivery

  • Innovation

  • Sustainability

  • Customer Service

We take the feedback from our customers and use it to make sure that insofar as is practicable, our Operations and Technology plans are aligned with their needs as well as those of our people. 

3. Annual Customer Care report

Each year, the IAA ANSP produces a Customer Care report. This document is presented to our Board  and Executive team and shared with our staff and key customers. The report is the culmination of the work of the Customer Care Programme outlined above. The report contains feedback from our airline customers about our performance in each of the key performance areas mentioned above and indicates how our this has changed over time.  The report also contains details of what is important operationally to our customers and sets out their comments about what we have done well and what we can do better in future.


Contact Details - Customer Care Programme

Name: David Usher
Title: Head of Customer Relations
Address: Irish Aviation Authority, 11-12 The Times Building, Dublin 2
Telephone No.: + 353 603 1472
Email Address: david.usher@iaa.ie