IAA Website - Wednesday, March 22, 2023 3:45 AM

The Irish Aviation Authority has a proud history in the delivery of commercial services to the international air transport sector.  

We can draw on the vast expertise available within our organisation to provide a wide range consultancy services. We can provide expertise in the fields of;

  • Airline Customer Relations - from the perspective of the Air Navigation Service Provider
  • Safety Management
  • European Commission consultancy assignments - in particular, the area of aviation security
  • Technical engineering consulting on all aspects of en route navigation aids, radar and communications
  • Analysis and review of civil aviation regulatory and administrative procedures
  • Strategic consulting relating to airspace planning and management, airworthiness, licensing and international safety and maintenance standards

In terms of Communications, Navigations and Surveillance (CNS) infrastructure, the Irish Aviation Authority can utilise its facilities to provide access to valuable radar data feeds, as well as offering lucrative property and site-rental opportunities.  

Company partnership plays a key role in our approach in the delivery of consultancy and training work. The Irish Aviation Authority routinely partners with some of the best companies in the air transport industry to ensure we can offer the best quality expertise to our clients in all fields concerned.  

Should you be interested in seeking further information about commercial opportunities with the Irish Aviation Authority, or seeking potential partnership opportunities, please feel free to contact us at any time.