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The operation and maintenance of navigation systems in Ireland is subject to the following regulations, standards and recommended practices.

Approvals to establish or use a navigation system are issued by the IAA subject to the following requirements:

  • A compliance matrix from the manufacturer verifying that the system design meets the standards and recommended practices of Annex 10.
  • An EC Declaration of Verification and a technical file in accordance with EU Regulation 552/2004.
  • An EC Declaration of Suitability for Use in accordance with EU Regulation 552/2004.
  • Evidence that the ATM Service provider has implemented a Software Safety Assurance system in accordance with the mandatory provisions of EU Regulation 482/2008.
  • Evidence that the ATM Service provider has implemented a Safety Management System in accordance with ESARR 3, ESARR 4 and Regulation 1035/2011.
  • Evidence that ATM engineering and technical personnel who will carry out safety related tasks on the navigation system are competent to carry out those tasks in accordance with ESARR 5 and EU Implementing Regulation 1035/2011.
  • Evidence that the operation and maintenance of the navigation system is in accordance with Annex 10, Volume 1 and ICAO Doc 8071.

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