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The IAA is a commercial State-sponsored body and derives the vast majority of its revenue from international sources, mainly through ATC user charges.

The IAA receives no Government funding.


Air Navigation En route Charge

User charges for en route services are established in accordance with an international agreement under the EUROCONTROL convention. The billing system is managed by the EUROCONTROL Central Route Charges Office (CRCO). The current IAA en route unit rate for 2022 is €29.15 (national unit rate).

The IAA has consistently maintained one of the lowest en route user charge unit rates, making Irish airspace economically attractive to airspace users.

Terminal Navigation Charges

User charges for terminal services are determined by EU Single European Sky Performance Regulations. The Terminal Service Unit (TSU) rate applicable from 1st January 2022  at the three State airports (Dublin, Cork and Shannon) is €146.49

North Atlantic Communications Charge

North Atlantic Communications (NAC), served by the Authority's High Frequency (HF) communications centre at Ballygirreen, provides long-range communications radio with up to 1,250 transatlantic crossings per day. The North Atlantic Communications charge reflects the cost of providing this service to airspace users on the North Atlantic.

The NAC charge with effect from 1st January 2022 is €45.00.