IAA Website - Saturday, February 4, 2023 2:18 AM


As aviation activity in Europe increases, the pressure on aircraft operators, airports and air traffic management (ATM) to increase capacity is intensifying the debate on the environmental impact of aviation. Internationally it is yet to be determined whether it is possible to achieve an environmentally sustainable air traffic system and simultaneously meet demand.

The need to address the adverse environmental impact of aviation is on the agenda of international air transport industry and in Europe is well recognised in Article I of the revised EUROCONTROL Convention. This commits the contracting parties to achieving harmonisation and integration of the ATM system taking into account, inter alia, the need to minimize any adverse environmental impact.

The European Union is working towards a more sustainable aviation industry with environmental impacts at the core of this strategy. The European Aviation Environmental Report is a valuable initiative to monitor, promote and strengthen the EU’s efforts for a more sustainable European aviation sector. Click here to read the 2016 report.