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Statement from the Irish Aviation Authority: 15:40 – October 3

Oct 3, 2018, 15:48 PM by Deirdre Forrest

The IAA is continuing to investigate last night’s technical issue with the Air Traffic Control system in Ballycasey, which services Shannon Airport, Cork Airport and transatlantic overflights. 

Our technical experts are working to isolate the root cause of the issue. These are complex systems and identifying the cause could take some time. 

The technical issue was not a radar problem and is most likely a simple software issue in a complex system. There is nothing to suggest that hacking or cyber-crime was involved. We will provide a full update once we identify the cause.

In the meantime, we will continue to operate a full, safe, secure Air Traffic Control service. 

There has been no impact on flights today and no reason why this should change.

The Ballycasey system does not service Dublin Airport. Dublin’s system is entirely independent and was not, nor is not, affected. 

When we have a technical issue, we move to a fully independent backup system. All flights in the affected area are operating normally on this backup system.

We will continue to provide a full service on this system indefinitely. Only a handful of flights were affected last night. We apologise to those who were impacted, but safety is always our primary concern.


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