A Series - Airworthiness of Aircraft

NumberTitleIssue Date
A1Airworthiness Requirements13-05-2004
A2Categories of Aircraft25-06-2015
A3Application for the initial issue or validation of Certificates of Airworthiness for aircraft neither designed nor constructed in the state. 27-08-2015
A4Certificate of Airworthiness - Continued Validity27-08-2015
A5Mandatory Modifications And Inspections19-12-2013
A6Approval of Modifications05-02-2010
A8Certificate of Release to Service09-11-2012
A9Overhauls, Repairs and Replacements05-02-2010
A10Keeping of Log Books13-05-2004
A11Record of Modifications and Major Repairs13-05-2004
A12Maintenance Programmes for Aircraft of 2,730 kg Maximum Take-off Mass or less.02-09-2015
A15Certification of Aircraft for Release to Service09-11-2012
A17Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marking13-05-2004
A18Aircraft Seats - Resistence to Fire13-05-2004
A19Visiting aircraft not holding ICAO compliant Certificates of Airworthiness03-07-2014
A22Fire Precautions - Aircraft Toilet Compartments06-10-2004
A23Fire Precautions - Cargo Compartments06-10-2004
A24Aircraft Compartments Interiors - Resistance to Fire06-10-2004
A25Maintenance of Irish Registered Aircraft in ICAO Member States09-04-2015
A30Continuing Airworthiness of Aircraft Responsibility and Reporting Requirements06-10-2004
A31Registration of Aircraft Intended for Import06-10-2004
A32Airworthiness and Noise Standards17-10-2002
A33Hazards from Ice falling from Aircraft in Flight26-03-1992
A37Painting of Aircraft06-10-2004
A38Airworthiness Directives02-03-2010
A39Transponder Calibration06-10-2004
A43APiston Engine Overhaul Periods for Aircraft Holding a Certificate of Airworthiness18-11-2015
A43BMaintenance of Piston Engines installed on aircraft operating on a Flight Permit25-06-2015
A44Aircraft used for Towing and Parachute Support Operations25-06-2015
A45Certificates of Type Approval05-02-2010
A47Acceptance of Aviation Parts and Products from sources other than Approved Manufacturing, Maintenance or Overhaul Organisations15-12-1994
A50Sourcing of Airworthiness Directives02-03-2010
A52Calibration of equipment01-09-2009
A55Failure of Main Landing Gear on Piper PA28 Series Aircraft24-07-1997
A56Failure of Main Landing Gear on Rallye Aircraft24-07-1997
A59Piston Engine Condition Monitoring12-08-1999
A60Airworthiness Flight Testing of Aircraft12-08-1999
A62Aircraft anti-sabotage design12-06-2003
A63Aircraft Flight Manuals14-12-2000
A64Cerificate of Fitness for Flight31-01-2001
A76Weber Model 5500 Seats15-05-2003
A79Honeywell MST 67A transponders02-10-2003
A91EASA Permit to Fly11-02-2013
A98Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorisation (IDERA) - Interim position and requirements30-04-2006
A99Installation of a placard on AIRBUS A330 and A340 passenger/crew and emergency exit doors - EASA SIN 2007-12.23-11-2007
A100Irish Permits to Fly08-02-2008
A101National AMC for Fuel Tank Safety Training23-01-2008
A102Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorisation (I.D.E.R.A.) Revocation / Deregistration21-06-2009
A103Production Organisation Approval18-01-2013
A105Scope of Line Maintenance17-10-2008
A106ACertificate of Airworthiness fee for non-complex motor-powered aircraft not used in Commercial Air Transport with an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC)01-12-2014
A106BFlight Permit fee for certain light aircraft01-12-2014
A107Periodic weighing of aircraft29-10-2010
A108Airworthiness Certification for Aircraft whilst carrying out Search and Rescue Operations27-11-2011
A110Approved Premises (Fuel & Lubricants)03-07-2014

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