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ASM Ireland

Location: Kerry
Contact: Aidan O'Connor
Email: info@asmireland.ie

Tel: 086 8588018

Cyberhawk Innovations LtdLocation: Scotland
Contact: Bruce Irving
Email: info@thecyberhawk.com
Tel: +44 (0) 1506 592187
Hexicam AerialsLocation: Leitrim
Contact: Mark Mc Guire
Email: hexicamaerials@gmail.com
Tel: 087 2386880
IFly TechnologyLocation: Wicklow
Contact:  Gearóid Ó Briain
Email: info@iflytechnology.com
Tel: 01 9696699
Iris Sky System LtdLocation: Louth
Contact: Wayne Floyd
Email: waynefloyd71@gmail.com
Tel: 086 8243402
SkyTec UAS Ireland LtdLocation: Cork
Contact: Steve Slade
Email: steveslade@skytecireland.com
Tel: 087 2706848
Advocate Films Ltd.

Location: Dublin

Contact: Morgan Fulham

Email: morgan.fulham@gmail.com

Mobile: 087-6191226 

Aerial Film IrelandLocation: Carlow
Contact: Matt Givens
Email: givensm@itcarlow.oe
Tel: 051-9134545/087-6457844
Aerial EyeLocation: Galway
Contact: Fearghus Foyle
Email: fearghus@aerialeye.ie
Tel: 087 2924361
AervisionsLocation: Galway
Konrad Iber
Email: info@aervisions.com
Tel: 087 9349955
SLR Enviromental Consulting (Irl) LtdLocation: Dublin
Peter Kinghan
Email: pkinghan@slrconsulting.com
Tel: 086 1712218
KORECLocation: Dublin
Contact: Mark Poveda
Email: mark.poveda@korecgroup.com
Tel: 086 6005252
AerphotoLocation: Dublin
Contact: Sean Gallagher
Email: sgallagher807@gmail.com
Aircam IrelandLocation: Cork
Contact: Raymond Fogarty
Email: ray@aircamireland.ie
Tel: 087-4440079
AirviewLocation: Roscommon
Contact: Mike Croghan
Email: info@airview.ie
Tel: 086-1779490
Baseline SurveysLocation: Cork
Contact: Paudie Barry
Email: paudie@baselinesurveys.ie
Tel: 086 2535285
Skyline AerialLocation: Down
Contact: Collin Bailie
Email: info@colinwilliamsphotography.co.uk
Tel: 0044 2891888849
CinecoptersLocation: Down
Contact: Sam Donaghy-Bell
Email: info@cinecopters.co.uk
Tel: +44 7780 586444
Skytask Aerial ImagingLocation: Tyrone
Contact: James Kerr
Email: jimkerr@talktalk.net
Tel: +44 7764 342355
MacMillan MediaLocation: Belfast
Contact: Michael MacMillan
Email: michael@macmillanmedia.ie
Tel: +44 7885 892849
Coastway SurveysLocation: Carlow
Contact: Liam Murphy
Email: lmurphy@coastway.net
Tel: 085 8674674
S.U.A.S LtdLocation: Meath
Contact: Ciaran Carthy
Email: cicarthy@gmail.com
Tel: 086 8530214
Intelligent Aerial SollutionsLocation: Kildare
Contact: D O'Brien
Email: dobrien@intelligentaerialsolutions.ie
Tel: 085 7652340
OctoflyLocation: Kerry
Contact: Oskars Krastins
Email: info@octofly.ie
Tel: 089 4803386
Drone Video Ireland Location: Clare
Contact: Mr Matthew Kelly
Email: matthew@dronevideo.ie
Tel: 085 2457069
Capturing a WorldLocation: Clare
Contact: David Kelly
Email: davegkelly@me.com
Tel: 085 7215550
Aerpas Location: Dublin
Contact: Paul Campbell
Email: aerpasinfo@gmail.com
Tel: 087 9548024
Progressive Produtions LtdLocation: Dublin
Contact: Martin Osbourne
Email: martin@progressiveproductions.ie
Tel: 086 8265902
Beeview Studios Location: Kerry
Contact: Daniel Jarkoksky
Email: beeviewstudio@gmail.com
Tel: 087 2912281
Murray Timber GroupLocation: Galway
Contact: Mark Dunne
Email: mark.dunne@mtg.ie
Tel: 087 0656304
KR Sky Eye DroneLocation: Carlow
Contact: Krztsztof Rapacz
Email: krskyeyedrone@gmail.com
Tel: 087 7721088
DroneCamLocation: Mayo
Contact: Andrew Murphy
Email: ampainters@yahoo.com
Tel: 087 6140616
AquawebLocation: Louth
Contact: Niall Carroll
Email: niall@aquaweb
Tel: 086 6081183
Flying MediaLocation: Armagh
Contact: Niall McLorn
Email: n_mclorn@hotmail.com
Tel: +44 871359520
MacMillan MediaLocation: Belfast
Contact: Michael MacMillan
Email: michael@macmillanmedia.co.uk
Tel: +44 2890436550
Eagle Eye Aerial Filming & PhotographyLocation: Wicklow
Contact: David Kinsella
Email: david@eagleseye,ie
Tel: 086-2753955
Western Aerial SurveyLocation: Galway
Contact: Paul Naessens
Email: paul@westernaerialsurvey.ie
Tel: 087 1229197
SkyopticLocation: Meath
Contact:  Mark Prendergast
Email: markdprendergast@gmail.com
Tel: 086 8264590
Skylens AerialLocation: Meath
Contact:  David Crowson
Email: dc@skylens.ie
Tel: 086 8541456
VESI EnvironmentalLocation: Dublin
Contact:  Caolan Harrington
Email: caolan@vesienviro.com
Tel: 085 7154490
Richard FinneganLocation: Mayo
Contact:  Richard Finnegan
Email: richardfinnegangti@gmail.com
Tel: 086 8937031
3D Surveying ServicesLocation: Mayo
Contact:  Jonathan Byrne
Email: jonathanbyrn@gmail.com
Tel: 086 3257989
FACTLocation: Dublin
Contact:  Dean Tobin
Email: dean.tobin@factireland.ie
Tel: 086 3929949
SkyHigh AVPLocation: Dublin
Contact:  Niall Skehan
Email: niallske@yahoo.com   
Tel: 087 6992112
 Ceolas Teoranta   Locaton: Kildare
Contact: Martin O'Reilly
Email: martin.reilly@colas.ie
Tel: 086 8063564
 Property Pix   Location: Dublin
Contact: Mark Forsyth
Email: mark@propertypix.ie
Tel: 087-9145795
 Skypix Aerial Work Ltd.     Location: Co. Wexford
Contact: Paid Bates
Email: info@skypix.ie
Tel: 087 2908556
 Slyne & Co.   Location: Co. Cork
Contact: Donal Mac Sleibhne
Email: rpas-iaa@slyne.com
Tel: 086-8792111
 Sligeach Films   Location: Co. Sligo
Contact: Michael Guckian
Email: mike@sligeachfilms.ie
Tel: 087 2590803
 ESB   Location: Co. Dublin
Contact: Colin Donnelly
Email: colin.donnelly@esbi.ie
Tel: 087 116 6345
Bronra Building Services

Location: Galway City
Contact: James Gilchrist
Email: bronra@gmail.com
Tel: 086 8173208

 Environmental Protection Agency   Location: Co. Mayo
Contact: John Gibbons
Email: j.gibbons@epa.ie
Tel: 087 6282050
Drone PhotographyLocation: Co Dublin 
Contact: Ian McMahon 
Email: ian.macmahon@studiolab.ie   
Tel: 087 2611602
SkyCam IrelandLocation: Co. Wicklow
Contact: Brendan Hickey                
Email: skycamireland@gmail.com
Tel: 083 1021126
Aerial Solutions LtdLocation: Co. Galway
Contact: Neil Curran 
Email: neil.curran@hotmail.com  
Tel: 086 7955982


David Norton PhotographyLocation: Co. Louth
Contact: David Norton 
Email: info@davidnortonphotography.com  
Tel: 086 8481455
Sean Brosnan PhotographyLocation: Co Dublin 
Contact: Sean Brosnan
Email: sean@brosnanphotography.com  
Tel: 087 2737377
Norman Media Ltd Location: Co. Galway
Contact: James Norman 
Email: jimmy@normanmedia.ie  
Tel:  086 8208000
Aerial Media Ireland Location: Co Dublin 
Contact: Kevin Warren
Email: kevinwarren07@yahoo.ie
Tel: 083 4378799
IwingImages      Location: Co. Wicklow
Contact: Edwin Koolmoes 
Email: iwing.images@gmail.com   
Tel: 086 878281
AirdronexpertLocation: Co. Sligo
Contact:  Jerzy Kruszynski               
Email: kruszynski.jerzy@gmail.com/airdronexpert@gmail.com
Tel: 089 2087713
Sky Quest LtdLocation: Co. Kildare
Contact: Garrett Findlay
Email: garrett@skyquest.ie
Tel: 087 6258564
Aerial Photo Video Ireland Location: Co. Dublin 
Contact: Ed Flanagan 
Email: edflanagan1@gmail.com   
Tel: 086 3806531
Armedea Ltd      Location: Co Kildare
Contact: Cathal Leonard 
Email: cathal@armedea.com                   
Tel: 086 209 7877
Speirview IrelandLocation: Co Kildare
Contact: Darren Doyle 
Email: darren.doyle@live.com 
Tel: 085 747 4203
Firefly Aerial Photography

Location: Mayo
Contact: Darren Moran
Email: darmoran@gmail.com
Tel: 098-42742/087-9576683

Epic Aerial Filming

Location: Co. Kildare

Contact: Philip Gaffney

Email: info@epicaerialfilming.com

Tel: 085-7274765 

Aerial Photography Ireland

Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: Keith Smith

Email: aerialphotographyireland@gmail.com

Tel: 087-9022977 

Skyscraper Aerials

Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: Jon Lerner

Email: skyscraperaerials@gmail.com

Tel: 086-1246626 

Drone Services

Location: Co. Meath

Contact: Aubrey Martin

Email: aubrey@droneservices.ie 

Tel: 086-1740454

Dermot O'Sullivan

Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: Dermot O'Sullivan

Email: dermotosullivan@gmail.com

Tel: 086-0512642 


 Ironbird Aerial Cinematography Ltd.

Location: Liverpool, U.K.

Contact: Robert Tilly

Email: rob@ironbird.co.uk

Tel: 0044 7814 26187 


Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: Jesus Melero

Email: jesusmeleroc@yahoo.es

Tel: 085-1645437 

Nigel Redmond Architectural Design Ltd.

Location: Co. Wexford

Contact: Nigel Redmond

Email: info@nigelredmondarchitecture.ie

Tel: 053-9152100 

Masterpiece Aerial Photography

Location: Co. Louth

Contact: Eamon Gosling

Email: eamonn@aerialphotographyhq.ie

Tel: 086-3388969 

Emmet McNamee

Location: Co. Donegal

Contact: Emmet McNamee 

Email: mcnameeemmet@gmail.com

Tel: 083-1539087 

David Perry

Location: Co. Cavan

Contact: David Perry

Email: info@davidperry.tv

Tel: 086-1726277 

Assured Web Services

Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: Alan Britton

Email: alanbritton@assured.ie

Tel: 087-2896870 

Erika Surveys

Location: Co. Tipperary

Contact: Harry Twomey


Tel: 087-2017509 

Drone Video Hire

Location: Co. Tipperary

Contact: Peter Murphy

Email: peadarmurphy@gmail.com

Tel: 087-9472928 

Bluesilk Productions T/A Stella Powell & Alan Grattan

Location: Co. Kildare

Contact: Alan Grattan

Email:  ajgrattan@gmail.com

Tel: 087-2933318 

As The Crow Flies

Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: Owen Garrigan

Email: owengarrigan@gmail.com

Tel: 086-1933011 

Earth Horizon Productions

Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: Killian McLoughlin

Email: killian@earthhorizon.ie

Tel: 086-7676669 


Sky Drones Ireland

Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: Ian Kiely

Email: ian@skydronesireland.ie

Tel: 087-9824031 

Quicksmart AV Ltd

Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: Richard Speedie

Email: richard@quicksmartav.com

Tel: 085-1073661 

David Berry

Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: David Berry

Email: daveberry75@mac.com

Tel: 086-8131789 

Jaffa Productions

Location: Co. Antrim

Contact: Stuart Lambe 

Email: stuart@jaffaproductions.co.uk

Tel: 0044 7966 021660 

Jason Griffith

Location: Co. Wicklow

Contact: Jason Griffith

Email: jasongrffth@gmail.com

Tel: 087-6391340 

Studio 1 Photography

Location: Co. Kilkenny

Contact: Ignatius O Neill

Email: studioone@eircom.net

Tel: 087-2475155 

Airspace Pictures Ltd.

Location:  Dublin

Contact: John Wright

Email: johnwright6000@gmail.com

Tel: 086-1546127 

Aerial Filming Ireland

Location: Dublin

Contact: Steven Flynn

Email: steve@aerialfilming.ie

Tel: 087-3891307 

 Flyby Photos & Videos

Location: Co. Galway

Contact: Colm Concannon 

Email: info@flybyphotos.net

Tel: 086-8142736 


Location: Kildare

Contact: John W. Anderson

Email: john@wanderson.ie

Tel: 087-7037085 

The Basement

Location: Co. Dublin

Contact: Ian Macdougald

Email: ian@thebasementmedia.com

Tel: 086-2630362

Gerald McGivern

Location: Down

Contact: Gerald McGivern

Email: gerald@automate2control.com

Tel:  0044 28 41772350/00 44 78 43670184

Hedgehog Productions Ltd.

Location: Carlow

Contact: Gregory Mynhardt

Email: greg@hedgehog.ie

Tel:  085-1515748


Ironbird Aerial Cinematography

Location: Liverpool

Contact: Robert Tilly

Email: info@iron-bird.co.uk

Tel: 0044  78 14526187/0044 77 90805018

Signpost Surveys

Location: Kilkenny

Contact: James O'Neill

Email: jimoneill7@hotmail.com

Tel: 083-4438671 


Location: Dublin

Contact: Janis Neilands

Email: info@Skyvidpro.com

Tel:  087-9515157/087-7437060

McVeigh Broadcast

Location: Donegal

Contact: Brian McVeigh

Email: info@mcvb.ie

Tel:  086-6035357

Peter Cox Photography

Location: Cork

Contact: Peter Cox

Email: info@petercox.ie

Tel:  087-6945552

Aerial Footage Ireland

Location: Galway

Contact: Roman Bugovskiy

Email: romanbugovskiy@gmail.com

Tel:  085-1402611

Austin Crowe Photography

Location: Co. Kildare

Contact: Austin Crowe

Email: austincrowe3@gmail.com

Tel:  087-2260358


Location: Co. Antrim

Contact: Darren McKernon

Email: darren@shanweb.com

Tel:  0044 77 73896392

Bold Move

Location: Dublin

Contact: Alex Quinn

Email: alex@reallybold.com

Tel: 085-1177856 


Gareth Byrne Photography

Location: Dublin

Contact: Gareth Byrne

Email: gareth@garethbyrne.com 

Tel: 01-4062345/Mobile: 087-2458089 

Green Graph AdoreLocation: Dublin
Contact: Tony Kinlan
Email: tony@aerial.ie
Tel: 086-1649569
Marco Griffini VideographyLocation: Dublin
Contact: Marco Griffini
Email: marco.griffini@icloud.com
Tel: 087-0628319
LM EricssonLocation: Dublin
Contact: Sean Fox
Email: sean.fox@ericsson.com
Tel: 087-6851509
Noel Meehan T/A CopterviewLocation: Meath
Contact: Noel Meehan
Email: info@copterview.ie
Tel: 086-8672339
Geological Survey of IrelandLocation: Dublin
Contact: Ronan O'Toole
Email: ronan.o'toole@gsi.ie
Tel: 086-4096859
Paul Dorrell Photography LtdLocation: Limerick
Contact: Paul Dorrell
Email: studio@pauldorrellphotography.com
Tel: 086-8275951
Lecia Geosystems LtdLocation: Milton Keynes, UK
Contact: Robert Heaver
Email: robert.heaver@leica-geosystems.com
Tel: +44 7799 620370
Silverscreen ProductionsLocation: Dublin
Contact: Douglas Farrelly
Email: info@silverscreen.ie
Tel: 0876976897
Above and Beyond Media LtdLocation: Cork
Contact: Aaron Ryan
Email: aaron@anbdigial.com
Tel: +44 7799 620370
Easy TrackLocation: Dublin
Contact: Mark Egan
Email: mark@easytrack.ie
Tel: 085 111 1177
 Drone Clip LtdLocation: Dublin
Contact: Brian Cooper
Email: bjacooper@gmail.com
Tel: 087 063 3946
Impact GISLocation: Galway
Contact: Nigel Malcolm
Email: impachgis@gmail.com
Tel: 087 765 0163
PS Photo ULocation: Limerick
Contact: Peter Slavik
Email: psphotou@gmail.com
Tel: 086 268 9078
Grasstec LtdLocation: Limerick
Contact: Peter Slavik
Email: psphotou@gmail.com
Tel: 086 268 9078
Skypix Aerial WorksLocation: Wexford
Contact: Paid Bates
Email: info@skypix.ie
Tel: 087 290 8556
Flying Media LtdLocation: Belfast
Contact: Niall McLorn
Email: niall@flying-media.co.uk
Tel: +44 7871 359520
Munster Drone ServicesLocation: Co Cork
Contact: Shane O'Leary
Email: soleray39@gmail.com
Tel: 087 940 1232
GeoInspect LtdLocation: The Netherlands
Contact: Bart Jan Rondag
Email: bart@geoinspect.eu
Tel: 083 841 8470
NewspicsLocation: Co Louth
Contact: Ken Finegan
Email: ken@newspics.ie
Tel: 087 252 2230
Norman MediaLocation: Co Galway
Contact: Jimmy Norman
Email: jimmy@normanmedia.ie
Tel: 086 820 8000
Creative Television PicturesLocation: Co Dublin
Contact: Tom McCormack
Email: McCormack.tom@gmail.com
Tel: 086 259 0014
DroneSpect LtdLocation: Co Dublin
Contact: Niall Gates
Email: niall@dronespect.ie
Tel: 086 085 5409
CutemachinesLocation: Co Dublin
Contact: Filip Florek
Email: fillip@cutemachines.com
Tel: 085 880 0117
Alan Golden LtdLocation: Co Waterford
Contact: Alan Golden
Email: alangoldenphotography@gmail.com
Tel: 085 197 5717
FlycaptureLocation: Co Galway
Contact: Jonathan Kelly
Email: jonathan@flycapture.ie
Tel: 086 832 4900
Hummingbird ProductionsLocation: Co Kildare
Contact: Peter Brady
Email: hummingbirdprod@gmail.com
Tel: 087 692 0646
Precision Aerial Technology ServicesLocation: Co Clare
Contact: Pat McMahon
Email: precisionaerialservices@gmail.com
Tel: 086 873 0129
Flying CamerasLocation: Co Leitrim
Contact: Daniel Clarke
Email: dannypclarke@yahoo.com
Tel: 087 149 7409
LittleBugLocation: Co Cork
Contact: James Kelly
Email: littlebugmedia@gmail.com

Tel: 086 167 0235
Philip Mulhall PhotographyLocation: Dublin
Contact: Philip Mulhall
Email: philipmulhallphotography@gmail.com
Tel: 086 021 9225
Precision Aerial Technology ServicesLocation: Co Clare
Contact: Pat Mahon
Email: precisionaerialservices@gmail.com
Tel: 086 873 0129
Munster StructuresLocation: Co Tipperary
Contact: Ken Maher
Tel: 087 724 2748
In the Dark ProductionsLocation: UK
Contact: Stuart Kershaw
Email: stu@inthedark.co.uk
Tel: +44 7890 311978
Hawkeye PhotographyLocation: Co Meath
Contact: Elaine Dixon
Email: elainedixon780@gmail.com
Tel: 087 910 1140
Drone Services IrelandLocation: Co Meath
Contact: Fergal McCarthy
Email: info@droneservicesireland.ie
Tel: 087 205 2331
AltitudeLocation: Dublin
Contact: Mark Fox
Email: mark@altitudeproaerial.com
Tel: 086 264 6624
Dreamcatcher Productions LtdLocation: Co Clare
Contact: Gavin Gallagher
Email: gavin@dreamcatcherproductions.ie
Tel: 085 121 7888
RC VideoLocation: Dublin
Contact: Robert Clifford
Email: robcliffordvideo@gmail.com
Tel: 087 292 7207
Webaria LtdLocation: Co Kildare
Contact: Ricki Brennan
Email: ricki@webaria.ie
Tel: 087 737 9265
Emagine MediaLocation: Co Waterford
Contact: Peter Grogan
Email: peter@emagine.ie
Tel: 087 299 7765
Seanchas Productions LtdLocation: Co Clare
Contact: Jonathan White
Email: seanchasprod@gmail.com
Tel: 087 235 1985
Dublin Bay Drones LtdLocation: Co Dublin
Contact: Steven Hood
Email: spdhood@gmail.com
Tel: 087 948 0757
Bridgedale Asset ManagementLocation: Co Kildare
Contact: Dean Atwell
Email: deanatwell@bridgedale.ie
Tel: 083 822 8760
IO Geomatics Ltd

Location: Co Dublin
Contact: Colin Murtagh
Email: colin@iogeomatics.ie
Tel: 087 268 9187


Location: Co Dublin
Contact: Lukas Jamroz
Email: info@diga.ie

Mulvar Ltd

Location: Co Dublin
Contact: Niall Mulvaney
Email: niall@propertyservicesni.com
Tel: 087 268 9187

Soyodrone Aerial Photography

Location: Co Meath
Contact: Josh Klingenberg
Email: josh@soydrone.com
Tel: 083 484 2745

Clear Haze Ltd

Location: Co Dublin
Contact: Mark Hayes
Email: josh@soydrone.com
Tel: 083 484 2745

Marshmallow Media

Location: Co Laois
Contact: Gintautas Cepaitis
Email: gcepaitis@gmail.com
Tel: 087 097 7522

Kevin McFeely

Location: Co Dublin
Contact: Kevin McFeely
Email: kevinmcfeely@eircom.net
Tel: 087 246 0115

Paul Kelly Photography

Location: Co Meath
Contact: Joseph Carr
Email: studio@paulkellyphotographer.com
Tel: 087 412 8766

R Kelly Engineering Ltd

Location: Co Cavan
Contact: Ronan Kelly
Email: ronanke@gmail.com
Tel: 085 737 5122

Flicker Media

Location: Co Dublin
Contact: Dave Donnellan
Email: davedonnellan@gmail.com
Tel: 087 215 1930

AirDancer Films

Location: Co Wicklow
Contact: Edwin Koolmoes
Email: airdancerfilms@gmail.com
Tel: 086 878 2816

Bernard Forde

Location: Co Kerry
Contact: Bernard Forde
Email: bernardforde@gmail.com
Tel: 087 283 7968

Skyhigh Imaging

Location: Co Westmeath
Contact: Joe Duffy
Email: carmelandjoeduffy@eircom.net
Tel: 086 396 7821


Location: Co Wicklow
Contact: Ross Killeen
Email: ross@mediapro.ie
Tel: 086 172 2224


Location: Co Tipperary
Contact: Kieran Caplice
Email: kieran@aeriality.ie
Tel: 087 211 5282

Long Range Media

Location: Co Limerick
Contact: James Long
Email: longrangemedia@gmail.com
Tel: 087 908 3887

Tiny Ark

Location: Co Dublin
Contact: Alexander James
Email: alex.james@tinyark.com
Tel: 083 167 6605

David Cantwell

Location: Co Dublin
Contact: David Cantwell
Email: david@davidcantwellphotography.com
Tel: 086 232 0501

Event Junkies

Location: Co Dublin
Contact: Jarlath Finnegan
Email: jarlath@eventjunkies.ie
Tel: 087 985 2815

Matthew Kelly

Location: Co Limerick
Contact: Matthew Kelly
Email: matt@mkptv.ie
Tel: 087 244 6494

NUI Maynooth

Location: Co Kildare
Contact: Tim McCarthy
Email: tim.mccarthy@nuim.ie
Tel: 086 856 7441

Dublin Fire Brigade

Location: Co Dublin
Contact: Gerard Stanley
Email: gerard.stanley@dublin.ie
Tel: 086 815 1559

 James McCarthy

Location: Co Cork
Contact: James McCarthy
Email: james@macflymedia.com
Tel: 083 800 7164


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