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Confidential Reporting involves the collection of any safety data on actual or potential safety deficiencies that may not be captured by the mandatory and voluntary reporting systems developed under Regulation (EU) 376/2014. The reports may relate to a specific event during a flight or can relate to a safety hazard or concern you may have.

Who can Report?

Any person may submit a confidential safety report. This includes everyone from aviation professionals, aviation enthusiasts, drone operators, passengers and members of the public.  Those aviation professionals affected by Regulation (EU) 376/2014 must ensure that they also report using the mandatory or voluntary reporting systems developed under this legislation as reporting under this confidential system does not meet the obligations to comply with the Regulation.

Conversely, there is however nothing to stop anyone, whether specifically mentioned under Regulation (EU) 376/2014, or not, from submitting a voluntary occurrence report instead.

What not to report?

Please do not use this system for complaints about customer service, noise complaints or other general complaints about specific airlines, airports or indeed the IAA. Please go to contacts for further information on how to report in these specific cases.

Is the data submitted confidential?

Yes, the data submitted is treated with the same level of confidentiality as those reports submitted under Regulation (EU) 376/2014 and no data will be shared with any person outside the IAA without your prior consent. When filling out the online form you will be asked if an IAA inspector may contact you. If you answer no, your personal details shall be removed from the report and not shared with any person outside of the Air Safety Analysis Group within the IAA. You will be also be asked if the data you submitted can be used for the purpose of promoting safety awareness. If you answer ‘Yes' the data may be used in future safety leaflets to highlight particular safety risks. The text of any article shall be sent to you in advance to ensure you are satisfied with its content.

What does the IAA do with the data?

The IAA shall review the data to identify any safety hazards or concerns that may be emerging or were previously unidentified. It is not our intent to respond to each individual report so please do not feel it is being ignored.  Reports received will be given no less attention than those reports received under the Regulation (EU) 376/2014 and will be risk assessed and followed up by the IAA with the approved organisations involved to ensure appropriate actions are taken to improve safety.

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