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Temporary Restricted Areas (TRA) of Airspace over parts of County Galway from Sat 13th to Sun 14th October 2018

13 Oct 2018 - 14 Oct 2018
1. The Irish Aviation Authority in pursuance of Articles 11 and 16 and Rule 9 of Part II of the Irish Aviation Authority (Rules of the Air) Order, 2004 (S.I. No. 72 of 2004), and in accordance with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 923/2012, SERA.3145 (Prohibited areas and Restricted areas), hereby directs as follows:-

2. A restriction on the flying of aircraft, including small unmanned aircraft as defined in S.I. No. 563 of 2015, shall apply in airspace over parts of County Galway contained within the under mentioned:
a. TRA – Over parts of County Galway:
i. Lateral limits: 53° 10’ 28” N 008° 44’ 55” W, 53° 10’ 31” N 008° 34’ 09” W,
53° 05’ 08” N 008° 34’ 04” W, 53° 06’ 42” N 008° 43’ 57” W.
ii. Vertical limits: SFC to 3,500FT AMSL.
iii. Duration: 1100hrs to 1500hrs UTC daily, 13th & 14th October 2018 inclusive.
iv. Airspace Classification: The airspace within this TRA shall be ICAO Class G.

3. Purpose. The purpose of the TRA is for aircraft participating in Military RPAS exercises over parts of County Galway.

4. Flight Restrictions.
a. Flights permitted.
i. State, Search and Rescue (operational SAR) and emergency air ambulance aircraft.
ii. Any aircraft specifically authorised by the Controlling Officer of the Air Corps, Defence Forces Ireland.

b. Other Flights than those listed at 3.a
i. All other aircraft or flights, are not permitted unless authorisation is given by the controlling officer of the Air Corps, Defence Forces Ireland.
ii. Any exemptions, alleviations or permissions, granted to civil general air traffic by the Authority, are not valid within this TRA during the periods cited.
5. Queries. Any queries may be addressed to the Flight Operations Department of the IAA by email at fod@iaa.ie or telephone +353 1 6031117 / 1148 / 1410 between the hours of 0900hrs and 1700hrs local Monday to Friday.

6. Note. ‘Other Flights’ (at paragraph 5.b of this direction) are defined as all aircraft or flight operations, including aerial work, which are not detailed at 5.a of this direction and include the following categories of flight;
• Ballooning;
• Gyroplanes;
• Model Aircraft;
• Para-glider;
• Hang-glider;
• Foot Launched Powered Parachuting;
• Aerobatic manoeuvres;
• Gliders;
• Aerial Work flights including, but not exclusive to, banner towing, filming, photography, dropping of articles, aerial application and aerial survey;
• Micro-light aircraft;
• Flight Training;
• Parachute Dropping;
• Small unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft and drones).


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