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24 Mar 2017 - 31 Mar 2017

In association with aerial activities related to an air accident, a restriction (TRA) on the flying of aircraft, including small unmanned aircraft (drones and model aircraft) as defined in S.I. No. 563 of 2015, shall apply in the vicinity of Blackrock Lighthouse Co. Mayo in the airspace contained within the under mentioned:

Lateral limits: Circle 10NM Radius centred on N54 04 00 W010 19 00

Vertical limits: SFC to 5000FT

The purpose of the TRA is to keep civil general air traffic safely segregated from aerial activities related to an air accident.

The airspace in the TRA is restricted to use by aircraft authorised by the Irish Coast Guard.

State aircraft shall be exempt from the restriction.

Any exemptions, alleviations or permissions, granted to civil general air traffic by the Irish Aviation Authority, are not valid within this TRA during the periods cited. See attached chart.

A NOTAM has been issued to notify of the TRA activation.

Any queries may be addressed to the Irish Coast Guard telephone +353 1 6783454.


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