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Aeronautical data and aeronautical information of appropriate quality are required to ensure safety and support new concepts of operation within the European air traffic management network (hereinafter EATMN).  ICAO has defined aeronautical data and aeronautical information quality requirements in terms of accuracy, resolution and integrity that should be met and maintained within the EATMN when processing aeronautical data and aeronautical information.

Under the Single European Sky EU REG 73 2010 the regulatory requirements on the quality of aeronautical data and aeronautical information is considered to provide a sufficient baseline for current data quality requirements.  These requirements have an impact on a wide range of parties.  

The under mentioned list refers;

  • Guidance Material on Positional Data, Preparation and Validation (ASAM No.022)
  • Obstacles to aircraft in flight Order - S.I. No. 215 of 2005
  • En Route Obstacles to air Navigation 1999 Order - S.I. 423 of 1999
  • Aerodromes Annex 14 Surfaces (ASAM No.014)
  • Instrument Flight Procedure Obstacle Surfaces (ASAM No.015)
  • Navigation Aids (Eurocontrol Surveying of Navigational Facilities)
  • Off-Shore Windfarms (ASAM No.018)

Approved Aeronautical Data Providers:

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