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SMU Safety Management Expert

Closing Date for Applications
16 Feb 2018
Enquiry Contact Details

Cliona Liggett - cliona.liggett@iaa.ie


Technology & Training

Reports To (Job Title)

Head of Safety Management

Job Purpose

To provide Safety Management expert support to the Head of Safety Management (HoSM)

Direct Reports


Main Duties and Responsibilities

The Safety Management expert in the SMU must be capable of integrating into a small team that provides a wide range of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and risk management advice and support, necessary for strategic SMS developments that are required to meet the Corporate ATM Strategic Safety objectives and changes to regulatory requirements.  The Safety Management Expert must be flexible, adaptable and capable of developing their own initiatives while contributing to the unit teamwork ethic. Dealing with the various levels of management, this role requires the holder to be a competent and effective communicator. 

  • Implementation of the detailed Work Programme set by the Head of Safety Management (HoSM) to achieve the Strategic Safety Goals defined in the ‘Corporate ATM Safety Strategy’.
  • Support the Operational units in the implementation of the SMS development processes that are necessary for regulatory compliance and to meet Single European Sky (SES) requirements.
  • Provide advice, training, guidance and support on all safety Risk Assessment and endorsement activities for System Safety Case Report production.
  • Develop and co-ordinate the SMS education and training programmes. In this regard the post holder will be required to manage the eLearning LMS (Learning Manage System), to deliver SMS/SRM training, briefings and presentations, as directed by HoSM.
  • Provide support and advice to ‘Unit Safety Managers’ to embed SMS developments within the Operational business units.
  • Provide support to the Safety Investigations Management Specialist in reviewing draft occurrence reports for the provision and or moderation of severity classification (RAT) and causal analysis.
  • Provide support on Functional Air Block (FAB) safety management activities, as directed by the HoSM, to fully meet the requirements of the FAB Implementing Rule and SMS agreed harmonised activities and processes.
  • Participate as an SMS internal auditor, track and oversee the implementation of Audit Findings and Recommendations, to assure compliance with the IAA SMM.
  • Actively promote close co-operation and co-ordination between the Unit Safety Manager’s, SMU, Operations Directorate Standards and Procedures and ANSD/SRD to drive the implementation of the detailed Work Programme to achieve the defined Strategic Safety Goals.
  • Ensure the continued implementation and progress of Safety Culture Improvement ‘Action Plans’ requirements.
  •  Support and coordinate the performance of Operational Safety Surveys such as IAA’s Operational NOSS (Normal Operations Safety Survey) observational surveys.
  • Track and monitor Unit Safety Management Committee (USMC) activities and approved actions on behalf of the HoSM.
  • Provide quarterly reports (or as required) on tasks/responsibilities to the Organisation ATM Safety Committee.
  • Update Safety Management Manuals to reflect the agreed OPS-SMU required changes/amendments.
  • Attend international fora, work groups or safety tool user groups as directed by HoSM;
  • Perform other duties as may from time to time be assigned by HoSM. 

Skills Required

  • A third level qualification at degree level or equivalent preferably with an engineering, technical, or science specific qualification. 
  • Experience and involvement in safety assessments, analysis, reporting, recommendations and follow up (preferably in the Aviation or a Safety critical industry, Chemical, Nuclear or Transport industry sectors).
  • Experience of working in a regulatory environment

Skills Desirable

  • A thorough knowledge of the organisation and structure of Air Traffic Management (ATM)/ Air Navigation Services (ANS) and an appreciation and understanding of regulatory requirements and developments relevant to Safety Management System (SMS).
  • A good working knowledge and understanding of SMS principles and Risk Assessment methodologies and processes;
  • A broad knowledge of the IAA and the functions and operations of other relevant international authorities and aviation organisations such as ICAO, Eurocontrol, EASA, CANSO etc
  • A proven track record of working independently;
  • A well-developed sense of teamwork, verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Be highly motivated and customer focused and have a proven record of using initiative and judgement
  • Knowledge of the range of Air Traffic Services (ATS) and of Air Traffic Control operations processes
  • These are full time, permanent positions. 
  • The salary scale for the Safety Management Expert ranges from €53,259 to €66,907.  Salary will be commensurate with relevant experience. 
All applications should be emailed to Cliona Liggett (cliona.liggett@iaa.ie).


In addition to direct reporting relationships he/she will have frequent contacts with the following:


-           General Managers

-           Unit Safety managers.

-           Domain Managers

-           Heads of Service

-           SRD

-           Corporate Directorates

-           Internal Auditor


-           Eurocontrol

-           ICAO

-           CANSO

-           EU

-           EASA

-           Other Service Providers

-           Customers

-           Suppliers

- These are full time, permanent positions. 

-The salary scale for the Safety Management Expert ranges from €53,259 to €66,907.  Salary will be commensurate with relevant experience. 



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