IAA Website - Monday, January 30, 2023 6:56 PM

ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Result

The latest information available from the Continuous Monitoring Approach (CMA) audit (as part of ICAO Universal Safety Oversight) for Ireland ranks the state amongst the best in the world for civil aviation safety oversight. This audit ranked Ireland second in Europe and fourth amongst some of the major aviation States worldwide.

The safety oversight audit of Ireland assesses the level of implementation of almost 11,000 ICAO Standards and Recommendations (SARPS) and related ICAO procedures, and the overall audit score is expressed in terms of the percentage of  “Effective Implementation” (% EI).  ICAO has found that Ireland has effectively implemented 95.06% of the applicable SARPS in the State. This places Ireland in the top 10 States globally, well above the world average score of 69.27% and in 2nd position among EU Member States where EU Member State average is 83.79%.

ANSP Safety Performance

Ireland ranks very highly for its safety performance as an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP). In terms of one of the key measures of ANSP safety performance, in November 2016, the IAA was ranked highest out of 47 States who participated in the EUROCONTROL / CANSO survey: "EUROCONTROL Effectiveness of Safety management (EoSM/CANSO Eurocontrol Standard of Excellence (SOE)"

ANSP Safety Maturity

Effectiveness of Safety Management

The European Commission has established a performance scheme for air navigation service providers, with the goal of contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Single European Sky project. In the key performance area of safety, the European Commission has established a key performance indicator, which is the effectiveness of safety management. This is a measure of the maturity of the attitudes, processes and procedures involved in the management of safety within Member States. An agreed and consistent methodology is used by the Member States to attribute a score to the indicator. This score is then verified by EASA.

For 2014, Ireland had the highest effectiveness of safety management scores of all Member States.

For more information, visit the Performance Review Board website.