IAA Website - Saturday, February 4, 2023 2:43 AM

In 2003, the IAA and its Icelandic counterpart, ISAVIA formed an alliance for the provision of High Frequency (HF) radio in the North Atlantic region (NAT).

Under the agreement, the IAA North Atlantic Communications Centre and Gufunes, Iceland operate as one, serving the combined Flight Information Regions of Reykjavik/Sondrestrom and Shanwick. This provides an enhanced service at lower combined operational costs. These joint operations commenced in April 2006 and have resulted in significant savings and a 60% increase in efficiency.

Phase 2 of this cooperation became fully operational in June  2015 and a full virtual centre was created, involving full integration of transmitters and receivers at both centres. Again, the IAA has demonstrated its commitment to the radio communications centre at Ballygirreen by investing over €2 million to complete this second phase of the cooperation.