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A World First in the ATM Industry

COOPANS is developed as international partnership between the IAA and the air navigations service providers (ANSPs) of Austria, Croatia, Denmark and Sweden and system supplier, Thales. For more information, visit the COOPANS website.

COOPANS has adopted a common managerial approach, whereby the five ANSPs act as one organisation together with Thales with a focus on common success. The harmonisation of functionalities and joint investments enable the implementation of an advanced and unified air traffic control system.

By upgrading their legacy system to a single mature system, the COOPANS founding members foresaw:

  • Common stepwise operational and technological evolution
  • Optimisation of life cycle costs
  • Sharing the same system and support baseline for operation and maintenance

A New Business Model

COOPANS has structured the development and deployment process around joint activities such as common specification, operational documentation, validation, training materials and generic safety cases

Sharing Know-How

Members maximise benefits using common tools, methods and operational procedures throughout the system life cycle. From a financial perspective, common procurement is defined for all major programme steps: development, integration, deployment and maintenance.

Open to New Partners 

The COOPANS partnership is open to additional ANSP members who agree to adopt the established COOPANS baseline. By joining this long-term partnership, new members will maximise the return on their own investment as well as other members and benefit from swift system improvements.

Collaboration is also foreseen through the "Associate Membership" status. By agreeing common requirements, associate members will enhance their systems while sharing costs. In addition, COOPANS members' experience in commissioning and NSA (National Supervisory Authority) approval can be shared to de-risk upgrade programmes.

COOPANS Open Door Concept

Initially, COOPANS was developed by Ireland (IAA), Denmark (NAVIAIR) and Sweden (LFV). After recognising its numerous benefits and witnessing more than four years of COOPANS successful strategic collaboration towards the future, Austro Control (Austria) became the fourth air navigation service provider to join COOPANS, reinforcing the position and influence of COOPANS in Europe.

Croatia Control Ltd (CCL) became the fifth air navigation service provider to join the COOPANS partnership in June 2011.

The COOPANS solution is now deployed to units belonging to three different Functional Airspace Blocks, giving it huge potential to play a pioneering role in European air traffic management.

Capitalising on Previous Experience and Eurocat Investments

Thanks to the Eurocat's open architecture, COOPANS members are in a position to introduce the latest innovations via regular stepwise evolutions avoiding a ‘big bang’ migration strategy.

Conformity with newly implemented rules, convergence with advanced programmes (e.g. SESAR, Coflight) and the introduction of new technologies are strategic land marks in the definition of the commonly agreed roadmap for evolution.

Setting the European ATC Standards of Tomorrow

A unified solution towards the Single European Sky, COOPANS' highest priority is to provide a customer oriented solution supporting economic efficiency and environmental protection, such as ‘green approach’ and ‘business trajectory’, with a focus on maintaining the required level of safety whilst increasing capacity to meet our customers' demands.

COOPANS intends to be at the forefront of European standards, implementing the latest proven ATM tools to minimise CO2 emissions and improve situational awareness.

Dynamic and flexible use of airspace will be a strategic evolution path, with COOPANS operating in UK-Ireland FAB, FAB-CE and Denmark-Sweden FABs.

The SESAR R&D initiative will be the key driver for the introduction of new ATM concepts such as trajectory based operation or new separation concepts and tools. COOPANS ANSPs (through NORACON) and Thales are working together in the SESAR development phase with a significant contribution that leverages their common technical assets and views of ATM evolution.

Benefits for Air Navigation Service Providers

  1. Capitalise on the experience and creativity of top experts from all partners in COOPANS:
  2. Benefit from previous Eurocat investments.
  3. Support Eurocat to become a modular product.
  4. Reduce risks from development to deployment phase.
  5. Economies of scales now and in the future.
  6. Share operational and technical expertise and resources.
  7. Stability due to an agreed long-term roadmap.
  8. Product maturity by evolution building on proven baselines.
  9. System evolution consistent with Single European Sky plans.
  10. Influencing the future by strong involvement in the SESAR initiative.