IAA Website - Monday, January 30, 2023 7:00 PM

On 5th March 2015, the IAA introduced the use of Mode S into the Shannon Area Control Centre (ACC) and in Shannon and Cork Approach environments.

The Mode S functionality feature is a part of an upgrade of the COOPANS ATM system, completed in March 2015. The introduction of Mode S allows air traffic controllers view data directly from the cockpit via Downlinked Aircraft Parametres (DAPs). This information includes the level/altitude that participating aircraft has selected as well as speed and heading information.

Being able to receive level information is seen as a great step forward in the reduction of level busts. A level bust is a situation where an aircraft deviates from the level it has been cleared for by the Air Traffic Control (ATC). However, with the introduction of Mode S information, air traffic controllers receive a warning on the screen where a flight crew select a level which differs to that which has been entered into the Air Traffic Controllers screen.