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Student Air Traffic Controller Application Form

Please note that once application form is submitted, a message will pop onto screen to confirm your application is received, you will not receive an e-mail to confirm application submitted.
Enter your full number (without spaces) along with the international calling code, e.g. 00353860000000

To meet licensing requirements, you must be 19 years of age or older at date of application.
Please confirm you meet these requirements. Please note that verification of date of birth will be required during the recruitment process.
Are you legally entitled to work in Ireland?
Please note that verification of right to work in Ireland will be required during the process.

English Proficiency

Are you proficient in English?
Please note that an English proficiency test will form part of the process.


Do you meet the minimum advertised educational requirements for the Student Controller Programme?
Please note that verification of educational qualifications will be required during the recruitment process.
If Yes, please specify:

Second Level Education Details

Subject 1

The above section must be completed in order to show that the applicant has at least a grade D in Mathematics. Please see the minimum entry requirements outlined in the FAQs.

Subject 2

If you are invited for Interview/Aptitude Test, will you require special facilities at the venues?

Additional Information

If yes, please give brief details (i.e. location, company, year).
Do you wish to receive text alerts from the IAA?
I declare that to the best of my knowledge all my answers on this application are correct and I have not willfully omitted any information. I understand that canvassing will disqualify. I also understand that if I am offered a position, the particulars contained on this application form will form part of the contract and that false/inaccurate information may lead to dismissal.