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We accept applications on an on-going basis so any submissions will be captured on the database, for when next the IAA runs a recruitment campaign.

Currently the Recruitment Process of Student Air Traffic Controllers has 4 Stages.  Applicants will be required to pass each stage of the Selection Process in order to proceed to the next stage. 

Stage 1 - Screening Process

Screening of applications to determine eligibility against minimum requirements.

On-Line Assessment may form part of the screening process.

(Progression through the recruitment process is subject to verification of the minimum entry requirements)

Stage 2 – Air Traffic Controller Computer Based Aptitude Tests

These tests comprise of two parts.

Part 1 – FEAST Test (First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test) – duration 2hrs 20mins. 

The Test Battery consists of a set of tests which examine a candidate's ability in regard to a number of items including the following:

  • Heading and Range Test
  • English Listening and Comprehension
  • Planning Ability
  • Sort Task
  • Alertness in Simple and Multi-Tasking Situations Test
  • Visualisation Test

Part 2 – DART Test (Dynamic ATC Radar Test) – duration 2hrs 10mins.

Applicants who obtain a sufficiently high standard on the Part 1 FEAST Test are called for Part 2 DART test, to be held later on the same day.

The DART Test is a computer based aptitude test, aimed at measuring your multi-tasking abilities.  The test will require you to perform a number of different tasks at the same time like in the job of an Air Traffic Controller. The test is designed for beginners with no background in ATC.

Applicants who achieve a sufficiently high standard in the Part 2 DART Test will be called for work strengths profiling and may be called for a group interview/exercise.


Stage 3 – Details of this stage of the selection process will be updated shortly

Stage 4 - Final Interview

Interviews for the final stage of the recruitment process will be competency based. Applicants will be expected to have some basic knowledge of the Irish Aviation Authority and the Air Traffic Control Service and the various other activities in which it is involved.  Most of this information is contained on the IAA website. 

All applicants will be required to produce a Valid Passport for identification purposes throughout stages 2-4.  All applicants for final interview will be sent a CV template to complete and submit with proof of education.

Medical Eligibility Requirements

Applicants who are deemed successful to participate in the Student Air Traffic Controller programme must undergo a comprehensive Medical Examination.  This will be carried out by IAA designated Doctors.  The medical criteria meet international civil aviation standards outlined here. The cost of the medical will be borne by the IAA.  

Security Clearances

Full Security Clearance will be carried out for all students who are offered a place on the student programme.

Reference Checking

Reference checking may be carried out on all those who are offered a student placement.

Note: The vast majority of correspondence for this competition will be carried out via email.  Please ensure you check your e-mail on a regular basis.
No travel or incidental expenses are paid to candidates for the SCP selection process.
No Test Material given to candidates during SCP selection process.
Please also check the IAA web-site on a regular basis for updates on the Selection Process schedule

The Authority reserves the right to change the selection process and add or delete stages as determined by the IAA.