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Guidelines for the Release of Racing Pigeons

The Irish Aviation Authority have issued Guidelines for the Release of Racing Pigeons for the purpose of ensuring the safety of aircraft and the passengers and crew traveling therein. These are available to all Racing Pigeon Clubs and all owners of racing pigeons.  The release of racing pigeons for local training flights should be made from areas where the birds are not likely to overfly an aerodrome ”

Sky Lanterns and the Risk to Avaition

Sky Lanterns are increasingly being used to enhance the party experience at social occasions such as weddings and birthday parties. While they are an enjoyable addition to these events they can pose a risk to aviation and cause the deployment of the Irish Coastguard on false rescue missions.

Balloons - Kites - Airships

A tethered balloon or kite shall not be flown at any location by any person between sunset and sunrise without the permission of the Authority and the balloon or kite and the associated mooring lines shall be lighted in accordance with such conditions as are specified by the Authority in giving such permission.

An airship with a gas cubic capacity exceeding 3000 cubic metres shall not be moored at any place within the State without the permission of the Authority and then only subject to such conditions as may be imposed by the Authority.

A person shall not cause or permit a group of small balloons exceeding 1000 in number to be simultaneously released at a single site wholly or partly within the aerodrome traffic zone of an aerodrome or exceeding 2,000 in number at any place within the State without the permission in writing of the Authority and other than in accordance with any conditions subject to which that permission may have been granted by the Authority.

* Irish Aviation Authority (Tethered Balloons, Airships, Free Balloons and Kites) Order refers.

Should any operator or person have any doubt about the content or scope of the regulations or need to seek clarification or guidance they should contact:

Flight Operations Department

Irish Aviation Authority

The Times Building

11-12 D'Olier Street

Dublin 2

Tel: +353 (0)1 603 1540